Falling in Love in Italy

As we were ending our wonderful Italian vacation, one of the
last stops was at a family winery whose specialty was Prosecco.  Prosecco is one of the hottest wines in the
U.S., since America’s youth has discovered it.
It has all the qualities that make it a perfect wine, light, low alcohol,
and bubbly! What more can a person desire?

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Bernd, our tour guide found, this beautiful new winery and
our hostess was “Italian Nice” (i.e. very gracious).  Anything we wanted to try was available.  She just kept popping corks of her family’s
wines! The tasting could not have been better and if anyone hadn’t fallen’ in
love with prosecco prior to our stop, they were surely lovers of the
intoxicating drink by the time our bus departed.

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The charms of our hostess did not escape one person on our
trip. To him she was perfect: young, Italian, beautiful, and owned a winery
stocked with thousands of bottles of Prosecco.
So overcome with emotion, he proposed.

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Alas, she was happily married.  He had to settle for several cases of wine as
a memory.