Someone has to do it

It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.  Thankfully that someone is me.

It’s blending day, where we decide how much of each grape should be in our blend and how sweet that wine should be.  We have a set of standards that we have developed for each wine but the art of making wine comes down to taste.  Today was that day for our Mittler Kabinett, part Riesling and part Cayuga White.  I’m pictured with our winemaker Kent at Cedar Ridge where we make our wine.  Kent blends the first glass based off of the last bottling and then we sample to adjust for this batch of grapes.   I know it is an understatement but this is one of the best parts of owning White Cross Cellars.

This vintage of Mittler Kabinett should be on the shelf around May or June.  Come give it a sample and see how we did.

Mittler mix 1