Why I love to travel

Every other June, we take a trip to Europe, this time last year we were in a small town called Annecy in the French Alps. Very picturesque, the old town was a postcard of an alpine lake with century-old buildings built on the stream that feeds the lake.

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The first night we had a classic regional meal that is best described as very cheesy scalloped potatoes with some cured pork.  It was delicious!  Our table consumed numerous bottles of wine that night as we purchased bottles from different regions of France.  It was all done in the name of higher learning.  You see, some of our tablemates had very little experience in the wines of France and we felt it our duty to provide some education.

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The next morning came quickly and instead of the scheduled trip up the mountain, I was forced, by natural causes, to miss that excursion.  Instead, after a morning of recovery, I explored the old town of Annecy.

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I’ve been told it is regularly voted one of France’s most beautiful villages.  I certainly couldn’t dispute that.   The day of recovery was spent strolling the streets and the Saturday mid-day market.

In a 24 hour period I was reminded of the reasons why I like to travel; the food, the wine, the culture, and the scenery.