Taking a trip but not leaving home.

If you enjoy traveling and discovering other cultures like I
do it’s fun to connect with those cultures through food and drink.  I find it interesting how the cuisine of a country
can transport you to that land without you ever leaving your own kitchen.

At least once a week we travel to Italy on a bite of pizza
and some red wine.  Germany is often
punched on our culinary passport when its bratwurst time – which, of course, for me is never often enough.  This coming week I
intend to have my taste bud take me to France to celebrate Bastille Day.  It’s the French equivalent to our Independence Day.

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Although I’m not certain of the entire menu, I do know that there most certainly be a cheese course, that marvelous French tradition that takes place between the entree and the dessert.  Originally implemented to help the diner finish his wine by having a little bread and cheese, it’s a great invention.  We discovered it a few years ago on a trip to
France and frequently enjoy a cheese course at dinner since then.

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I love to travel but just don’t have the time to do enough
of it but traveling via your taste buds is a quick and inexpensive way to
discover the world … well, part of it anyway.