Wine is made for Food

When I’m at our winery pouring samples to our guests, one of
the first things I ask is, “Do you like sweet or dry wine?”  The majority prefer sweet wine, which
shouldn’t be too surprising unless you only socialize with experienced wine

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You see, most Americans seem to consume wine like they enjoy
a beer or a cocktail; before the meal or at a party.  This seems to lead to most of those social
wine drinkers selecting something sweet.  Additionally, we‘ve found that many women like
to sip on Muscato, a very light, sweet Italian wine.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with having wine sans a meal but it’s a bit similar to watching
movie without the sound – you only get half of the experience.

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The beauty of wine is it is a
beverage meant to be savored with food!
There are thousands of wines and each one is different. That difference
makes each one go wonderfully with a different food.  We teach a fun food and wine pairing class where
we also demonstrate how they work together to create a taste and how it is
different for everyone’s palette.

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Much of Europe drinks wine with their meal and what you find
out very quickly is if you are drinking a sweet wine with savory foods the wine
tends to taste bitter.  Dry wines are the
correct choice here and even sweet wine drinkers will find that a correctly
paired dry red wine is fantastic with a grilled steak.

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If you know someone who never drinks wine with a meal invite
them to dinner.  Let them order their
Muscato with their meal and then give them a sip of your dry wine.  They will be amazed and you will have
enlighten someone on the wonderful taste of wine with the meal.